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Top 15 Alternative Ways To Access Blocked Websites

In many collages schools and offices, the management use to block many social networking and useful websites due to various reasons. Even our favorite sites like FACEBOOK, TWITTER, G MAIL, MYSPACE, HI5, and FREINDSTER are getting blocked these days. This article will let you know about the all possible ways to unblock websites on internet so that you can access the blocked websites easily and we will show you how to get rid of the blockades and go past the security to see what you want to.


15 ways to access blocked websites:

1. Proxy websites to access blocked websites:
Proxy websites are nothing but of online proxy servers, Instead of directly connecting to the websites that are blocked at your place, you will first connect to a Proxy server and it will redirect to the blocked website and you can access them easily.
There are many proxy websites available on internet, I can give you a huge list of proxy websites with their IP,which helps you to open the proxy websites even if the proxy websites are blocked. These are most widely used online proxies.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

How to open blocked websites using website:
First goto website.Enter the URL of the blocked website in the input Box and click on the button Surf!. Instantly it will show the blocked website.

You can use this simple method to access all the static websites and can access them quite easily, IF even kproxy website is blocked in your collage, school or office just enter its IP else you can pick any other proxy website from the above list it will work fine.

2. Hola browser extension to Unblock websites:

Hola is Browser extension available for all popular browsers, by using this extension you can browse on internet anonymously. Just check the official website of HOLA and install the browser extensions directly from there.

3. Use Proxy IP address in browser settings:

Few of the browsers supports to use the PROXY IP address in them. So that if you can surf anonymous using them. To use this you need Mozilla fire fox web browser and Proxy Ip address. You can get the huge list of Proxy websites from HERE.

In your Mozilla Firefox browser open the OPTIONS box and click on ADVANCED. Below the CONNECTIONS select SETTINGS. Click on MANUAL PROXY SETTINGS and enter the PROXY IP address (click HERE for PROXY IP address list), Port 8080 there and save settings. With this your browser will surf using that proxy ip address. You can pick and change the other Proxy IP address if that’s not working.

4. Access Blocked websites by Using Way Back Machine:
Way Back Machine is a through which we can know about the previous Look of any website from its archives. Enter the URL of the blocked website and you can even access the previous versions of the website that are blocked at your Place.

5. Use IP address instead of domain name:
Collages/schools and websites normally block websites using some software’s in which they enter URL’s of the Websites they need to block, so that whenever if you enter the domain name of any website they will simply get blocked. So you can access those websites if you enter the IP address of the websites

To find the IP address of the website just open  your command prompt on your Windows PC by pressing WIN+R > type CMD > hit ENTER. Now in the Command prompt just enter the following code.
Ping (enter the blocked website in the place of
Now enter that IP address on your browser and you can access the BLOCKED websites.

6. Open Blocked sites using decimal code:
In the above method I asked you to use the IP address, but what if even the IP address of the website that you need open was also blocked?? 

By using the decimal numbers you can access any blocked websites, because none will even block the IP address in decimal. To get the decimal code of IP address using THIS TOOL 
For example IP address of google is you can use the decimal format instead HTTP://1249766560

7.  Take help of Google cache:
Google store the cache of each and every website often. You can access the cache of any website using googles old CACHE. Just search for the BLOCKED website which you need to open and click on the CHACHE link below the search results as shown in the below screen shoot.

8. Use Tor Browser to surf anonymously to open blocked sites:
Using the above method you can only access the static websites, you can't use social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, MYSPACE…etc. because social networking sites uses browser to store cookies and that can’t be possible by using these Proxy websites. So, here is an alternate way 

Using TOR  you can browse anonymously on internet. Its most widely used utility for hiding our identity online. Just Download it from the below link and start using it

9. Using Translation web services:
There are many website on the internet GOOGLE - TRANSLATE and BING - TRANSLATE like which will convert the whole page from one language to another. Enter the URL of the blocked website in those site and convert the web page into another language. From this you can convert the whole page into another language and can access it.

10. Browsing on HTTPS connection:

HTTPS is nothing but of the secure connection, where data will be encrypted. This trick will work in many colleges and schools (This trick even worked in my Collage). Instead of using HTTP use HTTPS and try to access the website. For example you need to visit then try and try to access the site.

11. Open blocked websites Using URL shortners:
Normally URL shornters are used to shorten the length of the lengthy websites. By using such sites you can bypass the security and access the websites. Try using TINY URL MooURL.

12. Get an email of the webpage using web2mail:

Web2mail is a free site which will let you to get the mail of any webpage that you requested. Check the site for more details. You can get any blocked website as mail to you so that you can access them VIA your email.

13. Use VPN software’s and Unblock websites:
VPN software’s will let you to browse anonymously, you just need to download and install them on your PC. There are both paid and free VPN software’s available. Here are 3 best VPN software’s that will allow you to unblock websites.

  1. HotspotShield VPN
  2. TunnelBear Vpn
  3. ProXPN VPN
  4. cyberghost vpn

14.Subscribe To RSS Feed:
This might not work for all sites, but if the site you intended to visit provides RSS feeds, you can subscribe and read it with a RSS reader, or have it regularly send the contents to your email.

15.Remote Access:
Instead of using a proxy, you might have the idea of using remote access to visit websites using your home computer. Assuming this is even possible based on your work computer’s administrative settings, it runs into the same problem as a proxy. You’ll be sending a lot of traffic to a single IP address, which will be logged and may trigger an automated alert.
Guys if u have any queries feel free to comment them below.


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