Thursday, 18 July 2013

What is Windows Host File Hacking

Before knowing Host File Hacking we musk know what if 'Host File'.

What is Host file?

The hosts file is one of several system facilities that assists in addressing network nodes in a computer network. It is a common part of an operating system's Internet Protocol (IP) implementation, and serves the function of translating human-friendly hostnames into numeric protocol addresses, called IP addresses, that identify and locate a host in an IP network.

In some operating systems, the contents of the hosts file is used preferentially to other name resolution methods, such as the Domain Name System (DNS), but many systems implement name service switches, e.g., nsswitch.conf for Linux and Unix, to provide customization. Unlike remote DNS resolvers, the hosts file is under the direct control of the local computer's administrator.

Location of Host file in various system:-

Example of host file:

# This is an example of the hosts file  localhost loopback
::1 localhost


# Hack 1

A really awesome trick to play on a friend is to change his/her computer so that when he/she types in any address that it will go to any location you specify (obviously different from what it is supposed to be). For example you could change the computer settings so that when your friend types in his/her computer actually goes to To do this simply open the host file (with notepad) located either in %windir%\ for Windows 95/98/Me or %SystemRoot%\system32\drivers\etc\ for Windows NT/2000/XP and add a line of code like the one below, on a blank line.


The number on the left is the IP address (the actual destination) and on right is the url the user will enter. After you make the change restart the computer, the next time your friend types in the address you changed he/she will be taken your prank site. 

Note 1: for those of you who don’t know how to find an IP address; Open the command prompt and type “ping” (But change the url) and hit enter. 

Note 2: If you have spybot or antivirus search and destroy or some other anti-virus program it may make the Host file read only, so you will need to right click the host file, click properties and deselect read only, to be able edit the file.

# Hack 2

The other tutorial is same as above just replace ur site ip with it will block that site. you can use it to block  any site..


# Hack 3

It is use for desktop phishing. Desktop phishing is use to redirect original ip of that site to ur phish page sote or ur server that is computer which is server/site itself. It is the best phishing.

# Hack 4

Change your victim host details by sending him batch file:

1. open notepad.

2.Then copy paste following code into it:-

@echo off
echo 172.X.XX.X.X >> C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

Note: u can replace to any site u want. and 172.X.XX.X.X to any ip of site you wan to redirect. if u wan to block it replace it with

3. save file as .bat extension.

Done send that batch file to your victim. and enjoy redirecting or blocking of sites or Desktop Phishing.

Any Doubts Comment down..

NOTE:- For Education Purpose Only.



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