Thursday, 4 July 2013

SMS Spoofing With Backtrack 5

As the name suggest SMS spoofing is the art of sending text messages from the number you wish to anybody you want. I urge all of you to use this information for educational purpose only. To carry this you need some basic knowledge of backtrack operating system. EnjoY..!!!

What is SMS Spoofing?

As i mentioned earlier, SMS sppofing is the art of forging someone's mobile number to send text messages. According to Wikipedia SMS spoofing means to set who the message appears to come from by replacing the originating mobile number (Sender ID) with alphanumeric text/ another number.

Main Requirments:

Backtrack 5 with SET, Download Backtrack here

1.Install Backtrack and Open Following Option as shown in figure.

Now Go to "Applications" > "Backtrack" > "Exploitation Tools" > "Social Engineering Tools" > "SET"(You can terminal as well "cd /Pentest/exploits/SET")
Now press 1 and hit Enter to perform "Social Engineering Attacks"

Now press 7 and hit enter to carry SMS Spoofing attack
After, Press 1 to perform SMS spoofing on a single number, If you want perform in mass and then you can press 2 and hit Enter.
Now enter the number of the receiver after that it ask you to chose template, choose 1. Pre-Defined Template, List of pre-defined templates will appear, choose what you want.Now pretty much done,If you have android emulator, then that is well and good. You can also use paid services.

Enjoy!! Hacker konka fanz...



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