Thursday, 18 July 2013

Change File Extension Using Custom Exploit

FILE EXTENSION EXPLOIT BY Hackerkonka ! Make any .exe look like a jpeg, mp3 or whatever you like! No need to Use Extension Spoofers they may Keyloggers Themselves. They also use This Exploit To Spoof By Soft. Better to Use safe Method Directly !


This tutorial will show you how to make your .exe (or .com/.scr) files look like .jpeg/.mp3 or any other filetype! By normally changing the EXTENSION to e.g .mp3, will corrupt your file, but with this exploit your file will still be executable!

1. I have my server.exe, but I want it to look like a mp3 file, so people would run it. In this case, you should change the .exe to .scr to make it look more legit in the end.

Now, rename your to server.scr (which is still executable) to "song name uploaded by .SCR" (notice the space).

2.Now it's time to use the exploit! Open up the Character Map

press on  windows button in keyboard then type Character map

Then Scroll down and find the "U+202E: Right-To-Left Override" character:

Click "Select" and then "Copy".

3. Now choose to rename your file, and paste the copied character right before the ".SCR" (press ctrl+v to paste)

Then type "3pm" (without the " ") and press Enter. Now it should look like this:


Most browsers have patched this, but it can be used on IM's like MSN or Yahoo Messenger. To upload the file to a filehost, you need to make a .rar file with your server inside.

Now go ahead and mix around with .exe/.scr/.com and the fake-extensions to find some other legit-looking combinations!


#1.Those who can't find the character in the default CharMap in windows, do this: (not sure if it works but worth a try)

1. Download BabelMap and run it.

2. Open as shown in this picture:

  • Make sure "Single Font" is ticked and "Arial Unicode MS" is chosen as Font.
  • Search for OVERRIDE and click on the RTLO character (row 2020, column E)
  • Click on the Select-button
  • Click on the Copy button
  • Now Do as Above Steps.
#2.Not able to change your .exe file to .scr ?

Do Not worry we have all solution. 
#1. Open My Computer.
#2. Choose View Scroll Down Menu At Menu Bar.
#3. Choose Folder Option
#4. Choose View Tab
#5. Unselect already selected this option 'Hide extension for known file types'
#6. Press 'Apply'

Done Now you can change .exe to .scr as of first step.

Done Enjoy Manual Exploit. It's Working i have tried read carefully before doing.
Any Problem Comment Down.
 Enjoy guys...



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