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50+ Code To Update Facebook Status via Popular Devices & Funky Gadgets

50+ Code To Update Facebook Status via Popular Devices & Funky Gadgets 

 How often you update Facebook Status via your web or your phone? Well a guy like me, who always keep thinking of something weird and witty, puts down his thoughts and very often posts a status update on Facebook. It’s not about doing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V of a status from some other source, rather how much you’re creative with your own. People use different kinds of devices to browse their Facebook account, like through Desktops, Laptops, Smartphone’s and Tablets.

Don’t you feel cool when you let your friends and the public know that you own an expensive toy? Like the iPhone or a BlackBerry ? How come? It’s just by updating a status from that device!

Facebook has an App for most of the devices for which when we update status or any kind of post, it will mention the source below the update like “via iPhone, via BlackBerry, via Macbook Air”. This is done through the App’s Open Graph Object and an API request URL which includes your Application’s ID. Well with the developing minds of the geeks, everything is becoming so simple that you won’t need to give money to buy your first expensive device!

That’s not real though, you can show the world that you have one by updating a status from the same and henceforth it will mention the gadget’s name in the source and Woohoo, everyone will think that you owned that gadget. In short it’s a prank to update Facebook Status via any device, like iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, iPad, Xbox, Sony and more.

  The above link is used to update your facebook status where we have to deal with the App ID part. The output is as shown below and the code is used of Blackberry.

 Here the code we meant is the Application ID of the Facebook Apps which we have to use in the above link in the place of YourAppID in order to get the output as shown in the above image. You can see at the bottom it is mentioned via BlackBerry and like that you will find it for iPhone, iPad, Sony Ericsson etc. You can find the code lists below but before that what about if you want to post the same  to your friend’s wall ? As it the above link won’t for posting status or any text to the walls of your friends! :S

In order to get the User ID of a person you have to retrieve it using Facebook Graph. Simply visit where you have to add your Facebook Username at the end of the link by replacing the Username text. For example for the username hackerspositive , below are the details and you can find the user ID mentioned at the top.
here in pic id is 466175270092902
So hope you got all the information needed and now all you need is the Application ID’s of some popular devices and some funky gadgets. You can easily update facebook status via these devices without even buying it! 

Codes List to Update Status via Devices, Gadgets & Weird Stuffs:-

1. BlackBerry: 111498688870155
2. Sony Ericsson: 38125372145
3. Xbox LIVE: 5747726667
4. iPhone: 6628568379
5. Palm: 7081486362
6. iPad: 112930718741625
7. Nintendo: 236264753062118
8. Sony Xperia Arc S: 252515461517823
9. Samsung Galaxy Note: 386044018105699
10. Microsoft Zune: 23244056678669
11. iPod Nano: 142039005875499
12. Foursquare: 86734274142
13. Pokedex: de3da265cf6976745bb1d60a8c198151
14. Telegram: 140881489259157
15. Commodore: 64138114659547999
16. Mystery Machine: 259314457416472
17. Samsung Galaxy S III: 381529308566525
18. Windows Phone: 7933375107
19. Facebook for Every Phone: 139682082719810
20. GoD: 256591344357588
21. Android: 882a8490361da98702bf97a021ddc14d
22. Playstation 3 (PSP): 130263630347328
23. Message in a Bottle: 123903037653697
24. McDonald’s: 273378119344121
25. Microwave: 0a5266c8844a1b09211e7eb38242ac2f
26. Gameboy Color: 180700501993189
27. Glade Air Freshner: 4aeb4db2e8df1cdb7f952b2269afb560
28. Smoke Signal: 134138923334682
29. TARDIS: 200439256674396
30. Pip Boy: 142806259133078
31. Ansible: 185474028180003
32. Head Antenna: 221107014598348
33. Fedex: 232029733497914
34. UPS: 258012620879655
35. Friendster: 247310815280913
36. Zombocom: 195518590504787
37. Postcard: 213487932030106
38. The Event Horizon: 119999311425820
39. Magic: 181277448602956
40. The Laughing Man: 222077737828487
41. Hogwarts: 2dc1d3004dbc4a67c4b552be3c25ccb0
42. Telekinesis: 224139600960217
43. The Moon: 221826277855257
44. Microsoft Excel: 242740155751069
45. Vibrator: eb4c6d1a60e19a7795da501e1f468035
46. Lamp: 230755826955133
47. Minecraft: 231623746870852
48. Post-It Note: 115227201900831
49. Pony Express: 186359518090057
50. HMCS Belafonte: 222345601140304
51. Linux Ubuntu: 220593361311050
52. iPhone 5G: 211333348912523
53. Heaven: 245437548809330
54. NASA Satellite: 31d608d30292175bf7703149699ccb39




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